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             PVC windows

Mostly we use the Turkish WINTECH profile and accessories from Kale. The guarantee for a profile is 10 years, for the accessories is 2 years. Profile service life more than 40 years.

WINTECH is an eco-friendly plastic, odorless and does not emit harmful substances during use.

For sound and heat insulation the number of air chambers is very important. The minimum number of such cameras are three which are in our profile. There is also a special steel reinforcement which guarantees high structural strength.

Always  available profile of three colors: white, beige and wooden.

Glass can be mirror, transparent and matt. Mirror glass is presented in a wide range of colors: golden (can said as a standard color), green, blue, brown, gray, black.

As usual in  Egypt we use windows with one or two glasses, glass with a thickness of 5 mm and 6 mm.

We offer the following types of opening systems for PVC windows:

— Standard: this is the standard type of opening.

— Tilt&Turn: the most popular type of window. You can open the window for both standard and ventilation.

— Sliding: in this type of window the equal parts of window slide along the rails. It is convenient to install in rooms where there is not enough space for standard opening system or you want to save space.

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Interior PVC doors

PVC interior doors have a high quality also as a standard wooden doors. According to the color scheme, as well as the windows, can be white, beige and wooden color. We will make every possible design according to your sizes and wishes.

Outdoor shutters

In general outdoor shutters are installed for safety reasons but it can also protect from the sun and wind. The material for the shutters is aluminum. The guarantee for shutters is 12 months.

Mosquito nets

In our work we use a fiberglass for the producing mosquito nets. This material can be considered almost the standard in the manufacture of mosquito nets for windows and doors. Types of the nets: fixed or framed, sliding, plisse.